Reach Summer Program

Reach will be meeting every Wednesday throughout the summer on Wednesdays from 9:00-10:30am. Bring a book, bring a friend, or just come for the donuts and good company. We will begin on Wednesday June 22nd. See you there!!

Thank you to everyone who supported Reach at our 10th annual Jeans and Dreams Auction. It was another huge success, raising more than $100,000 with over $60,000 going directly to the student scholarship fund. Our guest speakers, Megan and Tara, who have been lunch buddies for 7 years, were dynamite, and our student helpers were excellent as well.

Thank you to those of you who registered for the 10th annual "Jeans and Dreams" Auction. Registration is now closed.

Our students had a blast "jumping" into Spring Break with a Reach for the Future! get together at GetAir Trampoline Park! We also collected several pounds of food that we donated to 2nd Harvest Food Bank.

Please join us on Thursday May 19th for Reach for the Future's 10th annual "Jeans and Dreams" Auction, which includes drinks and dinner. The auction will be held at the Charlotte Y Martin Center on the campus of Gonzaga University. Online registration will be available soon.

Hello Reach for the Future! Friends and Supporters:

Help us!!

Please nominate Reach for the Future! for "Who do you love" contest for non-profits to receive $5,000 from Spokane Teacher's Credit Union.

Click on this link https://www.stcu.org/who-do-you-love.html

or go to STCU's website.